Our Policies

The company had put in place policies to convince clients we are one of the best in the industry.

The total commitment of the company to quality and in line with the execution of projects, rendering of services and meeting of clients demand, takes cognizance of timely completion and effective cost of projects.
The quality policy aims at maintaining the increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of activites and process foe an added clients, its also stress the need for all personnel in the course of carrying out all activities and services.

At DPCL, we recognize the important of health and safety of human resources and property, directly or indirectly involved in our environment in which we operate. Human resources are our greatest asset.

To conduct our activities in such manner that will reduce accidents and situation which have potential to cause injury to personnel and damage to equipment and material.
To suspend all activities identified as unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally destructive until acceptable solutions are found.

To ensure medical fitness of our staff for the task at hand; strict adherence policy will be enforced. No staff will be allowed to work without prior certificate of medical fitness.
To make health, safety and environment an integral part of our organization. To put in place adequate security for the lives and properties of our personnel.

Finally, our commitment is to maintain and ensure the health and safety of our client and employee, directly or indirectly involved in our business operations and the environment in which we operate.

HSES Message to all employees by the Managing Director. This message is to draw attention to every Disk and Construction Ltd employee, contractors and workers in our areas of operation that; safety, health and the welfare of employee are the company’s great concern.

It is the policy of Disk Properties and Construction Ltd conduct its operations in such a manner that the safety and welfare of its employees and others are protected and as well as the environment where we are operating. Our company makes it an essential of all managers. The company maintains a comprehensive and proactive community relations policies and guidelines designed to cater for potential volatile project site.

Everyone is expected to demonstrate that health and safety are core values through visible commitment and active engagement of each other.

We believe the only acceptable number when it comes to safety is zero accident, incident or occupational illness attaining this goal is critical to reach excellence.